Episode 3 – Burn Out Your Name: Desk Wars

In 1993 we drove to Sydney in Tim’s van, to record our second album Burn Out Your Name. We remember all the strange and funny details around the recording, and the songs themselves, and Kellie dives into her diaries for some “on the ground” insights into what we got up to.

We chat about fighting over the mixing desk when the producer’s back was turned, the origin on the Fingers & Toes song title, and Wrote You Off being “too poppy and catchy” for the grunge era.

We also mention our brief path-crossing with Steve Albini, and our band ethos of the time; “indie indie indie all the way”, with Tim and Tony actively rejecting anything NOT indie.

As a flip side, Kellie divulges her most rock’n’roll moment of decadence, “Don’t let my mum listen to this”. We also go off on a tangent and introduce bit players Bunty Pring and Tricia Candy, and explore Tim being “cock-blocked by Mrs Candy”, at the age of 15. It’s crazy stuff.

Also The Darkness gets mentioned; Tim’s love of the actual band, and Kellie’s love of – and side hobby of – embracing the actual darkness.

Enjoy this episode!

For the 2014 re-release, Jamie Hutchings from Bluebottle Kiss wrote:

Ah.. the lottery that is life. I used to see Screamfeeder at  every opportunity around this time. They were going head to head with  You Am I on a lot of bills, and I honestly had no idea who would win out  in the rock’n’roll path of fame stakes. They were that good! Good  enough that I’d usually pay to see them open up for bands I had no  intention of sticking around the rest of the night for.

Chunky, tinnitus-inducing riffs, bittersweet melodies and  throat-implosion vocals; and on this album a dreamy molasses-like glaze  over everything. Burn Out Your Name has everything that was special  about the band during this era. Now it’s etched deep within the grooves  of a vinyl record – where it belongs.

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