Episode 4 – Fill Yourself With Music: Whatever Happens, Happens

Tim and Kellie chat about our “weird” third album Fill Yourself With Music. 

We were listening to a ton of early Flaming Lips at the time, we discuss their influence, as well as those of Sebadoh, and Seam, amongst other early 90s heroes of ours.

Kellie reads from her diaries from during the recording session and we both remember the problems and stresses that we were experiencing, and how our producer Wayne Connolly combated these (with calmness and brandy).

We remember the carefree and liberating approach in the studio – along with several magic moments, Tim and Tony’s songs largely sounding like “sitting around in the back garden of Warmington St in Paddington with an acoustic guitar”, and their killing of Buffalo Tom, for Kellie.

We also go off on a tangent recalling some of the adventures we had back in the days of having a land-line phone. Oh the things you could do..

There are plenty of laughs in this episode, despite the album attracting some very opposing views and reviews at the time. Still, we came away from this still very fond of our third child, and definitely with the feeling that “music can save you”.

Fill Yourself With Music:

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