Episode 6 – Home Age: Playing God with God

In 1999 we were stuck in a “weird label situation” where we weren’t allowed to record and release the songs which would become Rocks On The Soul, so we decided to make an album of some of our favourites by other people instead.

Tim and Kellie chat about working with Magoo; it was the first time we’d recorded digitally and was a hugely fun and creative session.

Kellie recounts one of the only hiccups, “I just started to spiral“; the nightmare scenario of trying to record the most basic 2 note bass riff ever, with everyone breathing over her shoulder saying “I’ll do it”.

We feel super fond of this record; our playing and singing on it as well as the songs themselves – after all they were written for us, by some of the best.

The track we mention by Bluebottle Kiss is Boredom You Are Breaking My Heart from their album Somnambulist Homesick Blues. Listen to it on Spotify here.

We toured a lot with BBK in the late 90s and really fell in love with their music.

Home Age track list:

  1. Walls Come Tumbling Down – Style Council
  2. So Sad About Us – The Who
  3. The Word Is No! – Sesame St
  4. Boys Keep Swinging – David Bowie
  5. Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Any More – Walker Brothers
  6. Keep Hanging On – Husker Du
  7. King Of Carrot Flowers – Neutral Milk Hotel
  8. Off To One Side – Come
  9. Falling Out Of Love (With You) – The 6ths
  10. Tomorrow Never Knows – The Beatles

Here’s a playlist of the original versions: Home Age Originals

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