Episode 10 – I put so much effort into burning up my youth: Felicitator & Delusions of Grandchildren

After a failed attempt to tour America in 1993, we released an EP at home in Australia which was to be the bridge between Burn Out Your Name and Fill Yourself with Music. Felicitator was a random collection, with acoustic tracks and demo versions as well as fully formed new songs, which would never appear anywhere else.

Years later in 2005 we released Delusions of Grandchildren (thanks Dean), another kooky collection of studio recordings and home demos we had lying around.

Both these releases are close to our hearts, offering more of an insight into our weird songwriting and diverse influences than a regular album might. They are also resoundingly different sounding releases, being 22 years apart they almost feel like different bands.

Tim and Kel fired up both EPs and chatted about the songs, the recordings and the circumstances around them. We delve into the freer approach we took to these records, and talk about our singing and its many imperfections (which we like) as well as the broader approach of dazzling with bullshit (thanks Blackie) which has served us well over the years.

We also chat about teeth and dentistry, and at length about our current projects and plans.

This is the last episode of series one of the podcast. We’re excited abut series two, it’s going to much more diverse! Thanks as always to everyone who’s been along for the ride, thanks for enjoying and commenting on the podcasts, we appreciate it.

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