Episode 2 – Flour: Metal On Metal

At the end of 1991 into the early summer of 1992 we recorded our first album, Flour.

Tim and Kellie chat how it came about and how we made it happen. There’s lots we don’t remember, or we half remember, or we think we remember, it was a long time ago! We marvel at the album’s “unusual” sound, and wonder how it ended up sounding like that. We also chat about how every song sounds like we’re wanting to emulate one of our guitar-hero bands at the time (which we were).

This episode includes the story of the band’s name change, after Kellie joined, from The Madmen to Screamfeeder.

It also tells the story of how Tim and Kellie met, and how Kellie joined the band, and explains how and why there are two versions of this album.

Tim blabs on about alternative guitar tunings a bit too much (you better get used to that, sorry).

Kel tells us about how she wanted to be “the best bass player in the world” and how that’s panned out for her. And somehow the quote “The opposite of your balls dropping” gets a look-in. Enjoy this episode!

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